Read about our Farm Share @EdibleBrooklyn

 Read about our Farm Share @EdibleBrooklyn

How is this different from a typical CSA ?


Each season, we offer a limited number of shares of our vegetables, flowers and specialty edible crops. We grow hundreds of varieties of classic gourmet vegetables (like fingerling potatoes and heirloom tomatoes) but also many things you aren’t likely to find regularly at the farmers' least, not after 8AM...Crops like agretti, specialty chicories and Fraises des Bois. 

The contents of your shares are yours to choose

Once a week, you'll log in here and see what we have. You'll choose what you like. There are no surprises...(unless you don't respond with a selection, or you select Farmers' Choice). Like a market, availability is first come, first serve.

Only a limited number of shares are offered each season. Staying small allows us to focus on the quality of our products as well as the quality of experience for our members. While we are a four-season farm, this main season farm share runs from mid-May thru mid-November.

** If you live in NYC or Brooklyn

and come out to the North Fork for the summer

YOUR FARM share can travel with you**

We're happy to accommodate you and allow for ONE primary and ONE secondary pick-up location. This option is ideal for those visiting for more than a few weeks at a time, typically between 4th of July and Labor Day. For shorter term arrangements contact us We'll work something out.

The cost is only $26 per week

Sample shares

Remember that members can choose their weekly share contents

Early Summer-Sample 1

2 heads mini romaine
1/2 lb sheep sorrel
1 bu heirloom carrots
1/2 lb baby zucchini w/flower
1/2 lb snap peas
1 bu wild onion
10 piece garlic scapes

early summer-sample 2

3 lg bouquets heirloom sweet peas


When we're long on mini romaines or heirloom tomatoes, or if you're interested in canning, juicing or other bulk purchases, you'll enjoy significant discounts. As a token of our gratitude, Farm Share members also receive 10% off of all additional purchases made at the farm stand throughout the season.


We will be partnering with some very talented chefs and artisans to host a series of events exclusively for our Farm Share members throughout the season! Stay tuned!!